New Brunswick Photographer/Filmmaker/Journalist/Educator/Author

Fun Photography Day Workshops & Speaking

I offer individual and small group (max 4) workshops in New Brunswick. The FAQ has more information about workshops during Covid.

My workshops are customized to what you want to learn and what aspects of your photography you want to improve, or dip your toes in. You don’t need a big, fancy DSLR camera either. Phones and smaller cameras can work very well, too. See the FAQ for a bit more information.

My workshops concentrate more on the thought process and mindset behind making a photograph, rather than the technicals and technology. Also, unlike many instructors, I don’t take my own pictures when leading a workshop. That would take away from your time and your learning process.

These can be full-day, or half-day. Lunch is included with full-day workshops, but not with half-day. If you’re interested in night photography, those can be structured as a half-day (night only), split full-day (morning and night), or full-day (afternoon and evening/night).

Workshop Pricing

Pricing for the workshops is $400/$700/$900/$1,000 for a full-day workshop for 1-4 people. Half-day workshops are half these rates.


I’m also available to speak to photography groups about various aspects of photography. Speaking engagements are possible in New Brunswick and can be done in person, or via Zoom. Remote presentations are also possible via Zoom.

Topics can include:

  • Street photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Astrophotography
  • Impressionistic photography
  • Mobile phone photography

I can also work with your group to develop a presentation specifically for you.

Speaking Engagement Pricing

Pricing for speaking engagements is arranged on a case-by-case basis with the group. Please get in touch via the methods below to discuss specifics for your group, or organisation.

Use the Contact form to get in touch and discuss workshop timing and pricing. Select Workshops from the topic dropdown list. Or, call me on 289-240-0949.

Have a look at the Across Canada, Impressionism, Black & White and Colour galleries for more examples of the kinds of photography I can help you create.

The overriding objective of these workshops is: Photography is supposed to be fun!


Phone Photography

Modern phone cameras are serious image-making devices. This workshop will help you understand the capabilities of your phone camera as well as its limitations, help you overcome those limitations and have you creating stunning, wall-worthy pictures with your phone.

An in-class component for this workshop is also available, in addition to the field workshop. If you are interested in the in-class part, please inquire in your introductory email.

Landscape Photography

Are you interested in Landscape photography? I will create a workshop that helps you improve your landscape imagery. Camera techniques. Helpful accessories. Composition. Lighting.

Street Photography

Street photography is very popular right now. As a street photographer for over 20 years, I will help you hone your eye to enable you to tell compelling visual stories.


The time between sunset and dawn is magical. Darkness only exists in our minds. The night sky captivates the imagination. This workshop will help you create impactful night photos with just standard camera gear.

Impressionistic Photography

Have you seen creative photography with interesting blur effects that looks like an impressionistic painting? Have you wondered how this is done? I have been doing photoimpressionism for over 20 years. I started on film. The techniques aren’t difficult and the results are fun. Unleash your inner Monet with this workshop.

General Photography

Are you stuck in Auto mode with your camera? Are you making the move from a compact camera to a full-featured DSLR, or mirrorless? Are you overwhelmed by all of the functions and options of your camera? Are you struggling to find compelling and interesting pictures? Fear not! This workshop will help ease those fears and have you on the road to camera mastery.