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When Perfect Isn’t – A Commercial Assignment

An architectural firm hired me to shoot one of their projects which entailed some redesign work in part of the library at a local university.  I prepped the images, which included some stitched panoramics.  The architect had told me they wanted me to have some fun with the shoot.  So in stitching the panos I purposely left curvature distortion where there would normally be straight lines.  As I always do, I posted the proof images onto a non-public, password protected area of my site for the client to view.  After doing so, the client came back and asked if they could get one specific image at full size before I delivered everything on CD.  The image they wanted was one of the panoramics with the curved lines.

When Perfect Isn’t – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography
Stitched Panoramic

This is not the ‘typical’ commercial image; particularly when it comes to architecture, where keeping lines straight and true is generally desired.  I asked my client what it was about this image that led them to want to get it before I was able to deliver all the final images.  They told me that they were prepping for a conference and needed some images for a slideshow.  They told me that they liked the wide-angle view that the image provided.  But they also told me that they thought it was interesting enough that it would catch people’s eye.  An image with all the lines straight wouldn’t have the same eye-catching appeal.

Sometimes perfect isn’t.

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