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The Beauty of Motion – A Commercial Assignment

A client did design and consulting work on a new outdoor recreation complex in Toronto. The complex is in a gentrifying neighbourhood that, for many years, had a reputation as unsafe. The client wanted pictures of the new facility. They wanted people using the facility. They also wanted both day and night shots.

Night assignments are always fun. Different lighting conditions giving different contrast, the mix of natural and artificial light is great to play with. The possibility of being more creative with exposure is also something I look forward to at night.

After taking the daytime photos, I took a break, had dinner, then came back as the sun was starting to set. There was a lone gentleman practicing on the basketball court.  I thought a slow shutter speed might generate an interesting picture. This client is happy to get shots that are a bit more creative so I always look for those kinds of opportunities on their projects.

Watching the man for a bit, I timed the shot from release to rim. I set a shutter speed as close as I could, then adjusted the other exposure parameters as needed. I was rewarded with what I had been hoping for. The shooter blurred by motion, but also, the full arc of the ball from hand to rim. Unfortunately for him, this one was a brick, but they can’t all go in. The arc is faint, but it is definitely there.

The Beauty of Motion – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography

A little minor contrast/colour adjustment, some minor clean up (removing the crane cables) and the image below was delivered to the client.

The Beauty of Motion – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography

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