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Organising your Photos

I had several questions during the workshop I taught last fall about organising photos. Not surprisingly, some of the attendees were having trouble finding particular images or in developing a good organisational structure for their photos. Some who’d been shooting only in low rez JPEG at the time had never moved their images off the memory card. They had literally hundreds of images sitting on the card. Continue reading


Internetworking. What’s that?   Many possibilities. A contraction of internet and networking to signify using the internet, specifically social media, for networking purposes. A combination of ‘inter’ and ‘networking’ signifying a multi-platform approach to networking. For example, face to face and social media. A question: Internet working for ya? Positing the question of whether a networking approach that includes the internet and social media is beneficial. Continue reading

Why Emulate Film?

A simple question. Does it have a simple answer? Is there a single answer?

Digital photography has taken hold. It’s established. It has supplanted film for the most part.

In the (relative) earlier days of digital, there was a trend to try to replicate the look of certain colour films – Velvia being, I think, the most common. There were actions and recipes available for creating the ‘look’ of different film stocks. These were popular for a short while but eventually receded into the background – for the most part. People came to understand and realise that digital was different from film – for the most part. People came to embrace that fact and deal with digital capture on its own terms – for the most part.

For the most part? Yep. For the most part. One area where there still seems to be a desire to cling to the analogue world is with respect to black and white photography. There still seems to be a yearning on the part of a good many people to try to replicate the look of a favourite b&w film. There are still plugins, actions, recipes and so forth that attempt (some better than others) to replicate or emulate the look of different black and white films. Why? Continue reading