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Open Letter to Craig Peters, CEO Getty Images

Re: Recent announcement of Getty acquisition of Unsplash

Mr. Peters,

As a Getty contributor, I read about the acquisition of the free content site Unsplash with concern. Of particular note in the your press release announcing the deal, Getty stated the following: “The Unsplash team share our values and share our vision of enabling global creativity and communication.”

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Photography is Like Prostitution

The photography news/blog site PetaPixel shared a post recently that got me to doing some ruminating.

Supposedly a photographer had written to a friend about a ‘situation’ with a potential client. Said friend is described as a ‘photographic satirist’. Aside from forgetting to include the satire – it’s difficult to tell whether the whole post is intended to be satire or just the proposed response – the alleged satirist’s response didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Continue reading

Cash Over Credibility

I’m thinking of starting a new photography group.  The name needs a bit of work but the gist is ‘The No Shill Group’.

It seems an increasing number of photographers are entering into affiliate relationships with as many companies as will have them, putting advertising all over their websites or have extensive product sponsorship arrangements. At the same time these photographers are, of course, ‘reviewing’ or otherwise writing about/promoting the gear or software. The net result is that it’s nearly impossible to determine when the comments being made are objective and can be trusted. Continue reading