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Internetworking Pt VII – Is Social Media the Latest Snake Oil?

When I took a look at the numbering of this article series to find out what was next, I was surprised to see I was up to instalment 7 already.  Wow!

I should start out by saying that I’m not a salesperson.  I’m not a marketer.  At least that’s not my background.  So this particular article may be way off base to some who do have that background.  If so, I’m certainly happy to hear from those folks and be set straight.  There’s a comment form at the bottom of the article so feel free to use it. Continue reading

Internetworking Pt VI – If Content is King then Data is His Queen

What? Kings? Queens? We’re playing chess? We’re playing chess on the internet?

Well, no, not really. You’ve heard the saying ‘Content is King’, right? It means that having good quality content in your web presence (website, blog, social media) will keep people interested and those people will spread the word about you and bring more eyeballs to your efforts. And while that is true in this age of the digital message there’s more to it than just content.

[According to this article, content isn’t even king. While I’d agree relationships are important, if you don’t have good content, people still aren’t going to spend the time.] Continue reading

The Fading Flickr

Pretty much most people who post images on the web have done so knowing there’s a possibility someone could download the image and make use of it. Tools for tracking these kinds of abuses have grown; Tineeye being a popular one but there are others. Word of mouth is an important one as well.

With the growing relevance and influence of new media and social networking, more photos are being shown/shared online than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these sites do little to try to help protect the intellectual property rights of those people sharing the images. Facebook, for example, with its recent changes to the way photos are displayed makes it incredibly easy to download any image on their service. Continue reading

Internetworking Pt V – Of Blogs & Baubles

This blog started just a little less than 2 years ago with a travel article on my experience in Trinidad for Carnival. Two years later it’s still one of the most consistently read articles and is often at the top of the hit count for search strings that bring people to the blog, particularly in the couple months leading up to and the couple months after Carnival.  Another article that is consistently at the top of the read and search string list is my Feisol Tripod Review.  It too is just about 2 years old. Continue reading

Internetworking Pt IV – Quantity vs Quality

In my ongoing exploration of social media topics, one that seems to come up fairly often; and it’s one that I’ve had discussions with people about too, is the idea of quantity vs. quality. This comes into play both in the quantity vs. quality of messages posted via various social media outlets and in terms of the number of connections we make in the social media world. Continue reading

Internetworking Pt II, Social Media Etiquette

With any luck, I’ll be able to turn this Internetworking idea into an ongoing series. What’s this have to do with photography? Well, lots. Social media is already a valuable tool in business marketing and its value will continue to grow.

It seems that a ‘trend’, if we can call it that, is developing with users at Facebook. When someone new, who has a business Page of their own (as distinct from a personal profile) comes to ‘Like’ your Page the trend developing seems to be to post a comment on the Wall of the Page they’re liking that includes a large graphic about their own business with a remark something to the extent of ‘Just found your page on [insert place name here]. Great fan page. Head over and Like mine.’

Continue reading


Internetworking. What’s that?   Many possibilities. A contraction of internet and networking to signify using the internet, specifically social media, for networking purposes. A combination of ‘inter’ and ‘networking’ signifying a multi-platform approach to networking. For example, face to face and social media. A question: Internet working for ya? Positing the question of whether a networking approach that includes the internet and social media is beneficial. Continue reading