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Creative Light Sculpture – A Commercial Assignment

I was engaged by a client that had done a redesign at a radio station – all of the office areas, public spaces and broadcast studios.

If you have ever been in a radio broadcast studio, these are not large spaces. The lighting is typically not great because it doesn’t need to be. This can present a challenge to photograph. Continue reading

Photo Basics – Composition I

Continuing on with the Photo Basics series, I’m going to move into some concepts on composition. Since there is so much that can be said about the topic, it’ll be broken down into a series of articles on its own.  What I’ll do, over the next few articles, is go over some of the basic guidelines for composition.  Note I said “guidelines” and not “rules” (although one of the most well known is called “Rule” of Thirds).  I say guideline because none of these should be considered hard and fast, must-do-one-in-every-shot-or-else, break-them-at-your-peril kinds of things.  These guidelines have been developed over centuries of art history and they’re used for a simple reason – the work.  In general, making use of these compositional aids creates a more aesthetically pleasing image.  But there are times when the guidelines can be ignored to very good effect.  We’ll take a look at some of those instances later in the series. Continue reading