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Creative Light Sculpture III – A Commercial Assignment

A couple years ago, a client engaged me to do a really fun and exciting project. It was a road widening in Kitchener. On the face, that doesn’t seem too exciting. What is fun is that the design included many elements that evoked the industrial and manufacturing history of the city.

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The Beauty of Motion – A Commercial Assignment

A client did design and consulting work on a new outdoor recreation complex in Toronto. The complex is in a gentrifying neighbourhood that, for many years, had a reputation as unsafe. The client wanted pictures of the new facility. They wanted people using the facility. They also wanted both day and night shots. Continue reading

Creative Light Sculpture II – A Commercial Assignment

A client engaged me to photograph an urban park/trail design and construction project they did for a community in the northern Greater Toronto Area.

A highlight of the project is the metal sculpture at the trail head. It’s a skeleton of a boat, invoking the maritime heritage of the town.  Continue reading

Being Environmentally Sensitive – A Commercial Assignment

A client engaged me to do an interesting outdoor project. It was a large infrastructure project that entailed the design and building of a new bridge as well as the re-routing of a creek bed.

My client is known for being good environmental stewards and does a lot of work related to environmental cleanup. In this particular case, the project was being submitted by the city for design awards. Continue reading