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Shoot the Moon!

Go grab some snacks and your preferred beverage because this one will be somewhat lengthy.

In the digital era of photography, interest in astrophotography has really gone <ahem> sky high. The relative ease of capturing and processing hundreds of photos to create compelling star trail images and dynamic shots of the Milky Way has helped propel interest in the genre. Nightscapes are very popular and are beautiful to look at. Darkness only exists in our minds. There is plenty of light at night and lots of great photos to be made.

In this article, I’m going to concentrate specifically on the Moon.

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Cool Weather Warmth

With cooler weather headed our way here in northern N.A. climes, outdoor photographers have to start to thing about keeping warm in the chillier temps.  Hands are particularly difficult because of the need to handle the camera and manipulate the controls.  Continue reading