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Social Media is Bad for Photography

One of the worst things to happen to photography is the Internet and in particular social media.

As photographers, we need to be able to self-curate. It’s hard to do. Very hard. We get attached to the pictures we take and sometimes it’s difficult to let go because we have a connection to the image or with the circumstances in which it was taken. But we must do it. 

Sometimes we need someone, or multiple someones, to help us. We need people to be honest with us. We need people who will tell us a picture isn’t good. That doesn’t happen on the Internet. We post something on Flickr, or Facebook, or 500px, or Instagram and we get thumbs ups, or ‘great shot’, or ‘cool’, or ‘nice’. It’s all positive feedback. What it is feeding is our egos. But it doesn’t serve our craft. Likes and hearts don’t do anything to help us become better photographers. They likely impede our progress.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t use social media. It can have a purpose. I’ve had a few business opportunities come out of my social media presence. But don’t get all caught up in thinking you’re all that and a bag of chips because 100 people put a thumbs up on your picture. If you really want to progress and improve, seek out people who will honestly tell you what’s good and what isn’t and why. Listen to what they tell you and put it into practice.