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Research and Preparedness – A Commercial Assignment

A few years ago, an engineering firm engaged me to shoot one of their projects. It was a major bridge redesign/construction project in cottage country in Ontario. Two requests were made by the client: They wanted the entire span of the bridge in a single shot; and they wanted a boat going under the bridge, if possible.

Given that this is a major waterway in cottage country, during the summer boat traffic on the river is heavy on any day of the week. This project would not be shot until after Labour Day; however. Once kids are back in school, weekday river traffic is almost non-existent. The best chance of getting a boat on the river is early morning on a weekend.

I contacted a marina on the river to confirm that boat traffic during the week was minimal and that the best time would be on a weekend morning. Saturday morning, specifically, they told me. I also asked if I could set up on one of their docks so that there would be no issue with trespassing.

Boats going out early are going out to fish. I got up at about 3:45 on a Saturday morning to be on the road by 4:30. I was set up on a dock at the marina at 6:30. My research and timing paid off, as shortly after a boat left the marina heading upriver for the morning catch. The full span of the bridge, a beautiful sky, the reflections of the navigation lights and the boat. The end result is an image that gave the client what they wanted.

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Before moving on to shoot this project from other perspectives, I stayed on the dock for a little longer. I was rewarded with the spectacular sky and reflection in the second shot. The client was pleased with this one as well.

Research and Preparedness – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography

Research and Preparedness – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography