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Creative Multiple Exposures – A Commercial Assignment

I was engaged by a builder of custom homes to shoot some of their projects. The details in these homes were spectacular.

In one home, the range hood would move up, or down at the touch of a button. A very cool feature to be sure. I wanted to figure out a way to capture the movement of the range hood to highlight the feature for the client.

Enter the multiple exposure feature of my Nikon cameras.

I timed the movement from top to bottom of the range hood, then set the multiple exposure feature of the camera to take five shots in a little less than the hood moved. Why a little less? Because I had to start the hood in motion by pushing the button, then move out of the way to take the pictures. That time needed to be factored into the equation.

The result is an image that highlights a key feature of this custom kitchen and that made the client happy. This image, in combination with others of this home and other projects I shot for the client, helped my client win some prestigious design awards.

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Creative Multiple Exposures – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography