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Creative Light Sculpture II – A Commercial Assignment

A client engaged me to photograph an urban park/trail design and construction project they did for a community in the northern Greater Toronto Area.

A highlight of the project is the metal sculpture at the trail head. It’s a skeleton of a boat, invoking the maritime heritage of the town. 

Inside the sculpture are plantings and lights have been placed inside as well to illuminate the structure at night. The lighting was a key aspect of the project.

When I went to do the assignment, the lights were not on in the sculpture. There was maintenance being done in the area and the lighting had been taken offline. It would not be brought back online for some time.

I try to attend a project as prepared as I can be and to anticipate problems that may crop up. To that end, on this day, I had packed a speed light, my wireless radio triggers, wireless camera trigger and my smartphone. As in the radio station project I wrote about in another post, I used this combination of tools to pop the speedlight around the sculpture. I used it to highlight parts of the exterior, but also placed it inside the structure to mimic the effect of the lighting that would otherwise be on.

This light sculpting on this composite included 17 image layers, blended by hand to create the final photo. Below are the base image and two of the flash exposures.

The final composite image is shown next.

Creative Light Sculpture II – A Commercial Assignment, RF-Photography

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