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Client FAQ

How long have you been a photographer?

My journey in photography began nearly 25 years ago (around 1997/98). I felt I could start using the term ‘photographer’ about 10 years after that.

How long have you been an architectural photographer?

I’ve been doing work for clients photographing architecture & infrastructure since 2009.

Do you use HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography?

Depending on the project I will use various methods of image compositing, including HDR.

How do you avoid the ‘HDR look’?

HDR has received a bad reputation over the years for a look that is popular with some, but unpopular with most in the photography world. The hyper-saturated, grungy look that many associate with HDR is a result of the editing choices made using HDR software. It is very important to understand this look is not a necessity. In fact, it is absolutely possible to use HDR blending and generate very natural, photorealistic pictures. The author of a book on photorealistic HDR titled The Anti-HDR HDR Photography Book, I understand how to use HDR techniques to properly photograph a scene.

Do you use a Tilt/Shift Lens?

Yes, I do. It is an invaluable tool for architecture photography. I personally don’t know of any serious, working architectural photographer who doesn’t have at least one tilt/shift lens.

What is your photographic style?

My approach, or style, is to represent your projects the way you want them. I adapt to what you need, I don’t force you into a look I am known for. I endeavour to create rich, detailed, immersive and compelling imagery that tells the story of your projects and your business.

This link to some previous blog articles outlines how I’ve approached some interesting client projects in the past.

Why do you call yourself an architecture and infrastructure photographer?

Infrastructure can be thought of as a sub-genre of architecture. There are specific aspects of infrastructure that can make photographing it different from regular architecture, particularly where there are environmental issues to address. Through my work with, primarily, Stantec, I have developed a sub-specialty of photographing infrastructure projects in addition to architecture.

How does the process work?

It all starts with an email, or phone call. Send a message through the Contact form, a direct email to fisher(at)rf-photography(dot) ca, or call me on 289-240-0949. We can also have a teleconference via Zoom.

After initial discussions and once you have decided to trust me with your project(s), my clients typically send a description of the project(s) which includes basic information about where and what the project is. If there are specific photos, setups, angles the client wants, that can be included in the project brief as well. The more information, the better. This allows me to prepare a more accurate estimate. It also helps me ensure I give you the marketing assets you want and need.

Once I have the project brief, I will put together an estimate of time and cost. If I have any questions about the project for clarification, I’ll come back to you with those before completing the estimate. The estimate will include a low to high time & cost range. Very important to note that unless there are extenuating circumstances I cannot exceed the top of the range without your approval. Also important to note: I have never had to go back to a client to ask for approval to exceed the estimate.