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The Ultimate (OK, no not really) Guide to Mobile PhotographyThe Anti-HDR HDR Photography BookThe Digital Zone System: Taking Control from Capture to PrintThe Mobile Photographer: An Unofficial Guide to Using Android Phones, Tablets & Apps in a Photography Workflow
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"Don't view this as a Photoshop or Lightroom book, but rather as a concept book."
-Peter Bauer review in Photoshop User magazine
"Extremely well presented, with a wealth of information. If you are serious about learning the zone system as it applies to digital photography, this is a must read." reader review"This is a great little guide to learn what options there are for adding mobility to your workflow." - reader review
"Hooray for Robert Fisher. He offers some suggestions for those who want to extend the range of light of their photographs without making them look surrealistic." reader review
"This is the best book on the Zone System by far..." - reader review"If you are a photographer and an Android user, this guide is a must have!" - reader review
"Bringing the Zone System to life in the digital age" - reader review"I can easily recommend it to anyone who does photography as a profession as well as any hobbist who is interested in this topic!" - reader review
"More than just a Zone System book" - reader review"A must read for any professional photographer looking to take their "game" to the next level, and do a better job at not just photography, but being a photographer." - reader review
"I know there are people who will absolutely love this degree of control and fine tuning for their image creation..." - Keith Cooper, Northlight Images
"Publisher Rocky Nook’s mission is to focus on practical usage in cutting edge developments in photography and imaging. This book certainly advances that goal." - Photosource International review
"...the Digital Zone System described in Robert Fisher’s book can help open the way to creating and producing stunning photographs in color and black-and-white." - Sagecreek

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