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Across Canada

The gallery below is a selection of photos I accumulated in 2019 and 2020 as I was travelling around Canada working on a new documentary film project dealing with climate change.

How does one spend a year+ travelling around Canada? In a 20′ travel trailer, of course. Yes, even in winter. Temps as low as -25C (-33C wind chill) and winds that, at times, gusted to over 120 km/h.

I met some interesting people and saw some neat things. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph the Northern Lights and didn’t make it to Tuktoyaktuk to have a chance to photograph polar bears or the annual reindeer migration. Lincoln (my dog, aka Idiot IV) made friends from PEI to Vancouver Island.

The trek began with 2 Idiots. Unfortunately one wasn’t able to make it the whole way. My little Samoyed, Toto (aka Idiot III) made it as far as she could and had as much fun as she could.

photos of canada

I had to abandon the project in early March due to the Covid-19 virus-related shutdowns.

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