These are a sampling of video clips I’ve created.  Clips are available to be licensed.  I can also create custom content for specific needs.

3DWD Installation Highlight Reel

3DWD creates innovative and immersive, large-scale hording and window dressing for retail and business applications. The company was engaged to create hording for stores being temporarily closed for renovation in a large suburban retail mall. I was engaged by 3DWD to do stills and video of before/after and installation of one of the coverings. This is a short highlight reel of the installation.

A Tattoo in Timelapse

A short doc I shot in summer/fall of 2015 on food and farming. Our food has changed, and not for the better with the growth of large factory farms. What can consumers do to source better quality product? Watch and see. This film was selected into the 2016 Durham Region Film Festival.

A short documentary about the creation of one of the top off-leash dog parks in North America. Experimental – Shot entirely on a smartphone.

Behind the Scenes video showing a new technique for capturing bracketed photos.

Promotional video for my new book project “The Mobile Photographer”.

An interview I conducted with Peter Gatt of The Photographic Museum of Ontario.

A warm summer night in Dundas Square, Toronto. Music by Moby, used under a MobyGratis license.

Ice Carving Timelapse.  Music by Moby, used under a MobyGratis license.

From the ice sculpture carving competition at Winderlude in Ottawa.  Teams have 27 hours over 3 days to complete their carvings.

Sunrise Over the Toronto Skyline.

This is a rework of an earlier clip I’d made using a different software for the HDR merging/tonemapping.  You can read about it on Vimeo.

Demo reel of a hockey game in timelapse.

The sun rises over the city.

The sun sets on another day.


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