Workflow – What is it good for?

If you read the musings here you’ll know that I like to co-opt song titles and lyrics. So, with a nod to Edwin Starr we’re going to talk about the idea of ‘workflow’.

What is workflow? It’s a term used a lot in photography but is it a term that people generally know what it means? Continue reading

Photo Basics – Composition IV

In the first two articles of this series on composition, we looked at ways to break up the viewfinder to frame an image and place important scene elements off centre for enhanced visual interest.  In this instalment, we’re going to look at using elements that exist in the scene to create that visual interest through the use of Leading Lines. Continue reading

Book Review – Speedliter’s Handbook by Syl Arena

I became aware of this book a few months ago at a time when there was a bit of controversy around a scanned copy that had made its way onto the web. It wasn’t a topic I actually had a great deal of interest in (being a Nikon shooter, albeit former Canon shooter) as I don’t do much studio work and don’t use flash much; but I bought a copy to support the author in light of the situation with the scanned copy.

I’m glad I did. Continue reading

Website Ported to WordPress Format

I’ve completed the transition from a standard website format to the WordPress format for the website.  Use the nav. bar at the top or the page menu on the right sidebar to navigate through the site.

The Lighthouse section from the old site has also been moved over and will be added to over time.

A new page for Commercial photography and services has been added including a selection of images from past assignments.