An Open Letter to Samsung

Late in 2014, an announcement was made by Google that the new ‘Android L’ mobile operating system, later dubbed Lollipop, would include a new camera API (Application Programming Interface – the building blocks of the camera software and what third-party app developers use in creating their companion apps). That new camera API would allow for the capture of true RAW images, using the Adobe DNG specification, by mobile devices. Continue reading

4 Top Camera Control Apps for Android

The world of mobile photography has moved far beyond simply taking pictures with a smartphone.  Today, there are apps for editing of RAW images and numerous apps for controlling a DSLR camera remotely.  Today we’re going to look at four of the top camera control apps for Android.  I cover each of these in much more detail in my upcoming book on mobile photography. Hover your cursor over the slide to pause. Use the arrows to move forward and backward at your own pace. Continue reading