Open Letter to Satya Nadella – Surface Phone

Mr. Nadella,

As a ‘creative’, I have long known the false beliefs perpetuated by some that “Apple is for creatives” and “Windows is for accountants” is just so much falderal. The two platforms do, essentially, the same things, just in different ways.

That said, the release of the first Windows-based Nokia smartphones a few years ago incorporating the PureView sensor technology was intriguing. So much so that when the 1020 was announced, I made plans to get one. The idea of the large sensor, and ‘lossless zoom’, combined with the ability to capture in RAW mode was very appealing to this photographer. I am not a ‘photography snob’ and as such recognise that very compelling imagery can be made with any type of camera. Continue reading

Arkansas SB-79, Photography is Not Dead

There has been much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over the past couple days in relation to a new law in Arkansas that is awaiting gubernatorial signature. The online photo media is abuzz and replete with sensational headlines declaring the end of photography (again). Continue reading

The Rupi Kaur/Instagram Kerfuffle

If the goal was Internet ‘fame’, then objective achieved.

Rupi Kaur has been the ‘belle of the ball’ this past week with the provocative photo she posted to Instagram. She’s even featured in the Washington Post. Continue reading

Social Media is Bad for Photography

One of the worst things to happen to photography is the Internet and in particular social media.

As photographers, we need to be able to self-curate. It’s hard to do. Very hard. We get attached to the pictures we take and sometimes it’s difficult to let go because we have a connection to the image or with the circumstances in which it was taken. But we must do it.  Continue reading