Photographers Piss Me Off…

… well, some photographers piss me off. Not all, but a few. Let me expand.

I will be the first to admit that I am not well ‘liked’ in the photographic community. To be clear, I am just fine with that. I don’t pray at the altar of equipment manufacturers, or Adobe and I call bovine excrement for what it is.

Two recent postings on social media – yes, I know, just shoot me now – were the proverbial straws providing the impetus for this little missive… more of a minor rant, really.

In one, a talented young photographer was complaining about the quality of a ‘winning’ image in a ‘contest’ run by a national park in the U.S. In the other, a photographer was complaining about smartphone cameras and suggesting that anyone who used one was not a ‘real’ photographer.

Now, I know I probably shouldn’t get my panties in a twist about things like this. But…. (you knew there was a but coming, right) these are just two of the many that are symptomatic of a problem I see in photography: Unjustified ego. It is true that artists, in general, are a fairly confident bunch and often quite insecure – the two usually go together.

Here’s the thing: You are nobody. You haven’t done anything. You have no justification for that outsized ego. And yes, I include myself in there.

Even if you have done something, even if you are a ‘celebrity’ photographer, you haven’t done anything. It’s freaking photography! You’re not going to be mentioned in the same breath as Banting & Best, or Edison, or Einstein, or Gandhi. It’s flipping photography, give yourself a reality check.

I’m certainly realistic enough to know that this short post won’t likely change much. If it gets just one photographer to pause a second and rethink that over-exuberant self-pat on the back or other expression of unjustified ego, then it was worth the few minutes it took to type it out.

Enjoy the rest of your day.




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