New Photo Mag on the Market

I’ve recently been made aware of a new photography magazine that’s hit the North American market. Jack Howard, author of Practical HDRI and Practical HDRI 2nd Ed let me know about it a few weeks ago. The mag. is c’t Digital Photography. I checked out the website and got in touch with the publisher and they were kind to send me a copy of the latest issue.

c’t is a German publication and is just starting to launch in North America (in English). Rocky Nook is the U.S. publisher/distributor.

In general, I’ve thought for years that European photo publications were superior to what we get here in N.A. Much of what we have here is more sizzle than steak. There are a few exceptions but I’m speaking in generalities. c’t, based on the copy I have, seems no different. The first thing that struck me was the physical size. European mags are larger than in N.A. and that’s really due to the different paper sizes. The next thing that struck me was the paper quality. Every page is heavyweight, glossy stock. Definitely better quality than what we get in N.A.

Moving beyond the physical aspects, the content is outstanding. A recent issue of Outdoor Photographer had an article on geotagging. The article was 2 pages of which barely 1 page was text. By comparison, the issue of c’t I received also has an article on geotagging. The c’t piece is 14 pages and goes into a great deal of depth about the process and the available tools. There’s a 14 page article on studio lighting complete with numerous examples and lighting setup diagrams. An 18 page article on travel photography gives incredible insight into this genre of photography. A 17 page article on filters is more a small book than an article. All of the articles are well written, comprehensive studies of the subjects.

What’s missing? The advertising. I counted 1 page of advertising in the body of the magazine. And it wasn’t even a photography advert.  N.A. mags are more advertising than content. Because of the lack of advertising, articles are continous and not broken up with 2 pages then …. cont on page 47….a page…. cont on page 102 (wait, there is no page 102, flip, flip, flip).

With little advertising and the high production quality it’s not cheap to purchase. The cost per issue is $14.99 U.S. and CAD. Subscriptions are available at $49.95/year and it’s a quarterly publication. Subscriptions can be bought by contacting subs(at)ct-digitalphoto(dot)com. The next issue, due out in late June/early July, will be available on newsstands in Borders and Barnes & Noble. Issues can be ordered directly from the website as well.

While it is more expensive than ‘local’ mags, by comparison OP and its sister publication Digital Photo Pro are both $7.99 on the newsstand here in Canada, the quality of the content should make it worth the additional cost because the content is simply outstanding.



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