Sometimes Looking Down is Good!

Keep your head up!  Watch where you’re going!  Remember being told those things as a kid?  You’d walk along head down, in your own little world, bumping into this and that.  So as you get older, you walk with your head up, watching where you’re going.  And what happens?  You trip over tree roots or raised sidewalk blocks…..

But there are still good things on the ground.  Particularly as a photographer.  As a nature/landscape photographer, you look for the glorious vistas or the grand scene opening up in front of you.  Macro photographers are used to looking down as they search for the tiniest bit of detail or the hope of some previously unphotographed creature or plant life.  But as a nature/landscape photographer you too can take advantage of looking down.  Nature creates some very interesting mini-scenes for you too.  This is particularly true in the fall when the leaves are freshly fallen off the trees.  They get caught in all kinds of places that make for interesting photographic possibilities.

I went out the other day with the express idea of looking down to see what I could find.  What a world down there on the forest floor!  Shape.  Texture.  Colour.  All laid out before me in terrific compositions.  Here are a few from the outing.

Now, of course, I did look up as well and there were some very nice possibilities above the forest floor too.

Above the forest floor

Above the forest floor

Above the forest floor

Above the forest floor

It turned out to be a successful outing on both counts.

So the next time you’re out with your camera, look down and up.  Look for those neat little nooks and crannies that may hide some really nice images and I’ll bet you come back with some great ‘looking down’ shots too!

Do you look down when you’re out in the field?  Feel free to share your stories in the comments below.  You’re also welcome to share some of your ‘looking down’ photos on my Facebook Page.



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