The Anti-HDR HDR Photography BookThe Digital Zone System: Taking Control from Capture to PrintThe Mobile Photographer: An Unofficial Guide to Using Android Phones, Tablets & Apps in a Photography Workflow
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"Extremely well presented, with a wealth of information. If you are serious about learning the zone system as it applies to digital photography, this is a must read." reader review"This is a great little guide to learn what options there are for adding mobility to your workflow." - reader review
"This is the best book on the Zone System by far..." - reader review"If you are a photographer and an Android user, this guide is a must have!" - reader review
"Bringing the Zone System to life in the digital age" - reader review"I can easily recommend it to anyone who does photography as a profession as well as any hobbist who is interested in this topic!" - reader review
"More than just a Zone System book" - reader review"A must read for any professional photographer looking to take their "game" to the next level, and do a better job at not just photography, but being a photographer." - reader review
"I know there are people who will absolutely love this degree of control and fine tuning for their image creation..." - Keith Cooper, Northlight Images
"Publisher Rocky Nook’s mission is to focus on practical usage in cutting edge developments in photography and imaging. This book certainly advances that goal." - Photosource International review
"...the Digital Zone System described in Robert Fisher’s book can help open the way to creating and producing stunning photographs in color and black-and-white." - Sagecreek

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